Peter Galasso

My paintings are explorations of gesture and color, light and fluidity, often suggestive of nature and more often than not, characterized by spontaneous bursts of imagination. The surface is my subject. By offering a visualization of energy, motion and emotion, I encourage the viewer to trace my movements and perhaps recognize in the work some inner truths which may be common to us all.

There are no words that can clearly and completely explain the meaning of an abstract painting. To express the ineffable through abstract art, to lay down the immediate, spontaneous experience of feeling is to accept and reach beyond the limitations of human language. As I begin to move paint across a surface, forms emerge among relative color values which trigger inevitable responses. I continue to react to the marks I make searching for visions and revisions, chaos, resolution, redemption and radiance...the often random order of life. The painting continually evolves. Even when finished, it appears as something in the state of “becoming”.

This search for something indefinable, more “authentic”, may often stimulate and inspire the viewer’s own sensitivity and imagination with paintings far removed from our everyday world of objects and images.

- Peter Galasso

Price on request